Congratulations Winnie!

Tonight my wife had her graduation, she is now has her Bachelors of Science in Economics! The best part is she even wrote the best Bachelors Thesis related to Macroeconomics! I am extremely proud of you Winnie, well done!

Virtual Reality

So last week my favorite game developer Valve announced that there was a new Half Life game coming in March 2020. Great! After 15 years, one of my favorite game series is getting a new game, and it is VR (Virtual Reality) exclusive.. Interesting! That got my interest peeked in what VR gaming was all about. If Valve is continuing the Half Life series with a VR exclusive, they must feel a big potential here. So I started doing some research what HMD (Head mounted devices) were on the market and found my self looking at two products, either the Oculus Rift S (450€), a new, revamped version of the original Oculus Rift or the Valve Index (1079€). The Valve Index looks really great and offers a better experience, but comes with the hefty price tag. Fortunately Black Friday was around the corner and I ended up getting a Rift S for 400€! I will post an update once I have experienced the world of VR.

New Pokemon Games!

I’ve always enjoyed the earlier Pokemon games (Sun and Moon not so much). I played almost every Pokemon game and I especially played them when I was a child and Nintendo have got me. I picked up the two new Pokemon games on Friday and have started Pokemon shield. I am enjoying it so far.

The Company Website

I am new to this website stuff. At the moment we are making a company website and I thought the best way to practice is to make my own website to get a hang of it. The company I am working for is called Maven Systems and our website is cool right? Well, me and Franz thought it was… Here is a early access screenshot of the website.

Hello world!

Well done for reading my first post. I managed to get this website up and running. Hurray!