Berlin 1989

I recently joined a Berlin Expats group on Facebook to meet some new people and give advice to newbies since I’ve been living here for 4 years now and I strolled upon a great post by a guy called Andrew. He was in Berlin in 1989 when the wall came down, however he wasn’t alone, he brought his trusty camera along with him and made a great piece of history.

Before you ask, I got his permission to post the gallery on my website.

Back of the Reichstag
Back of the Reichstag
Back of the Reichstag
Back of the Reichstag
Opfer der Honecker Diktatur
Victim of the Honecker dictatorship
Read more about Erich Honecker
Bernauer Straße
Bernauer Straße
Brandenburg Gate
Celebration in the streets of Berlin. On the right there is a police officer enjoying his moment of peace on duty.
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie
DDR Border Control
DDR Troops
Friedrichstrasse Trainstation
East Berlin #1
East Berlin #2
Easy Berlin #3
East Berlin #4
East Berlin #5
East Berlin #6
East Berlin #7
East Berlin #8
Glienicke Brücke
View from the Glienicke Brücke
Lübars #1
Lübars #2
Neue Wache engl. New Guardhouse with DDR soldiers on duty
North of Mitte
Palast der Republik engl. Palace of the Republic
Picture taken from the west side river bank
S Bahn with Schultheiss advertisements on the side. Great beer!
Steinstücken #1
Steinstücken #2
Last but not least, the last picture of East Berlin

Thank you for viewing this bit of history and thank you Andrew for the fantastic pictures!

My playlist of choice in April 2020

Gaming Rig April 2020

The specs of my gaming rig in April 2020

CPUIntel i7 7700k @ 4.7GHz
CPU CoolerNoctua NH-D15
RAMG.Skill 32GB DDR4-2132
MotherboardGigabyte Z270-Gaming K3
PSUBe Quiet 600W Semi Modular
Storage 1Samsung 970 EVO m.2 NVMe 1TB
Storage 2Samsung 960 SSD 1TB x2 in RAID 0
CaseCorsair Crystal 460X RGB
MouseLogitech MX518
KeyboardLogitech G810
HMDOculus Rift S

Gaming Rig Upgrade

It’s time for an upgrade. I can remember the jump from HDD to SSD, not it’s time for the next jump, SSD to NVMe M.2!

So much data in such a small space.

New Smart Watch

During the quarantine I’ve gotten more into fitness and decided to pick up a new smart watch, namely the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It seems pretty sleek with its OLED display! I got it on discount (always good) and I managed to make a custom Half Life: Alyx theme. Another bonus it only took about 45 minutes with the free software from Samsung. Not bad!

A big thank you to the Reddit user u/Did-You-See-It in this post for the small tutorial.

Pluralsight is free throughout April!

Well my old boss introduced me to plural sight 3 years ago and I was impressed with the high quality content from Pluralsight. Throughout my apprenticeship I dabbled in some C# and Java and made some basic software, like a network pinger that sends an email when a hostname or IP address is not reachable and an inventory software (which never was completed.. Oops). Pluralsight helped me grasp the concept object orientated programming and improved my programming skills altogether.

I told my wife that Pluralsight was free for a month and that I was bored (It’s day 14 of the lockdown btw). My wife knows a bit of Python from University and I was interested in learning about it since I heard it is much sleeker that the traditional programming languages (See C+ and Java) and boy was she right. We started the Core Python course from Austin Bingham and Robert Smallshire. The course was really easy to get started, on my Windows 10 machine and I was up and running writing python in PowerShell within 2 minutes. Today we managed to get through the first 3 chapters. On to the next chapters!

A (new) Website for Winnie’s student council

My wife is very busy studying for her masters degree at the moment and in her free time she gets together with other students from the economics department at FU Berlin.

I offered to make them a website last year since I saw Winnie really enjoyed her time with the Student council. Two weeks ago I got the go ahead and created registered the domain and got a web server ect. and over the last couple of days Winnie and I have been working on it. As the time of writing this post the website is not finished by it’s a start.

Pretty snazzy!

Quarantine/Lock down

So I am spending almost of my time at home and to keep my mind occupied I will post further updates in the next couple of days. I’ve gotten a few things done over the last couple of days/weeks/months that I would like to post.

Congratulations Winnie!

Tonight my wife had her graduation, she is now has her Bachelors of Science in Economics! The best part is she even wrote the best Bachelors Thesis related to Macroeconomics! I am extremely proud of you Winnie, well done!

Virtual Reality

So last week my favorite game developer Valve announced that there was a new Half Life game coming in March 2020. Great! After 15 years, one of my favorite game series is getting a new game, and it is VR (Virtual Reality) exclusive.. Interesting! That got my interest peeked in what VR gaming was all about. If Valve is continuing the Half Life series with a VR exclusive, they must feel a big potential here. So I started doing some research what HMD (Head mounted devices) were on the market and found my self looking at two products, either the Oculus Rift S (450€), a new, revamped version of the original Oculus Rift or the Valve Index (1079€). The Valve Index looks really great and offers a better experience, but comes with the hefty price tag. Fortunately Black Friday was around the corner and I ended up getting a Rift S for 400€! I will post an update once I have experienced the world of VR.