This page is dedicated to food! “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.” – Alfred Henry Lewis

  • Homemade Basil Pesto

    Winnie recently made some homemade pesto, which as a kid I used to hate, but now I can’t get enough of it. Here is a pic.

  • Homemade Pasta with Meatballs

    I got this recipe from Adam Ragussea. It’s a super simple homemade meatball recipe he altered from his grandma’s recipe.

    500g Pasta

    Olive Oil
    White wine
    Tomato Paste
    Tin of Tomatoes (800g)

    500g Beef mince
    50g Parmesan
    Small amount (25g-50g) of Breadcrumbs soaked in milk
    tsp onion powder, garlic powder
    Salt and pepper to taste
    pinch of cayenne pepper

    Mix these ingredients together and form small balls out of them and I kept mine in the fridge over night.

    Fry the meatballs off with a small amount of olive oil in a non-stick pan, trying to brown them as much as possible. Once they are looking nicely browned, add a glass of white wine and scrape up all fond (good bits at the bottom of the pan) into the wine to form the basis of our sauce. Once all the alcohol has evaporated add a dollop of tomato paste, a tin of tomatoes (800g) and a decent amount of parmesan cheese (to taste).
    While the sauce is simmering boil water and prepare some Pasta in another pot.
    Taste the sauce before serving and make it slightly saltier than how you like it because you will add pasta to the sauce which will dilute the saltiness of the dish.
    Cook the pasta 1 minute less that what the package tells you (if it takes 10 mins cook it for 9 mins). Drain the water and add the pasta in the simmering sauce for one minute and mix well and serve with herbs of your choice and Parmesan.

  • Classic Vanilla French Toast

    French Toast is a classic yummy breakfast that I make every now and again, especially on the weekends. It’s super simple to make, all you need is bread, preferably brioche, eggs and milk for the batter. Finally butter or oil to lightly fry. Don’t forget the maple syrup and fruits to serve.

  • Eton Mess

    A traditional English desert made from three components Strawberries, Cream and Meringue. I know England doesn’t have the best reputation for good food.. But trust me, this is amazing.

    Whip some cream (30% fat or higher) up, mix with crushed meringue and put some chopped up strawberries with sugar and a tiny splash of water in a pan for a few minutes to create a strawberry coulis.

    Once you have these ingredients, mix them all together and boom. It’s called Eton Mess for a reason, it might not look the best, but at the end of the day it’s strawberries, cream and meringue and it tastes fantastic! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the finished Eton Mess and only have pictures of my wife’s Meringues.

    I know they look funny lol. Super tasty nevertheless.
  • Foolproof Creme Brulee

    So I am a big foodie and love good food. Although I don’t have a big sweet tooth, I do love a good desert. One of my favourite deserts is the classic Creme Brule. My wife made some home-made meringues a couple of days ago and had some egg yolks left over, 4 to be exact. Perfect. All I needed was a tub of Cream (200g, min 30% Fat, Schlagsahne auf Deutsch), 30g of Sugar and a small amount of vanilla.

    I whisked/beated the sugar with the egg yolks together to form one liquid, and then mixed egg yolk liquid with the cream and vanilla until completely mixed. I strained the mixture (no bits of cream or egg) and then filled up air tight ramekins with the custard mixture. To cook the custard, I submerged the ramekins a Sous Vide bath which was 83 ° C for one hour.

    Once cooked, I left the ramekins outside to cool for an hour. I couldn’t wait an hour, so after 30 minutes I opened them up and added a tea spoon of white sugar and with a blow torch “burnt” the sugar coating, creating a hard crust layer of caramelised sugar. Yum.

    Credit to the picture goes to my wife (Stolen from her Instagram page) I always eat mine too fast to take pictures lol.

    Thank you Chef Steps for the awesome recipe: Foolproof Cracklin’ Crème Brûlée

  • The best of Greek food

    During our time in Kos we tried many restaurants. Our favorite was a small vinyard called Ampeli. At this point in my life, this was the best restaurant I have ever visited… The food was just on another level. They offered a seeming endless selection of Meze (Greek tapas so to say) for 3 € a dish and every thing tasted amazing. The Spicy sausage and the grilled halloumi in honey were my favorites.

  • Sourdough Bread
    An former college of mine insipred me to start baking my own bread, thanks Leon! I used to be a baker and know the basics, after getting my sourdough “starter”, I tried a couple of time to bake some bread. Here is one of my better attempts.
  • Korean Fried Chicken

    Today Franz and I went to Goji Boss, a korean “fast food” restuarant. I ordered the spicy chicken with sweet potatoe fries. Very tasty!

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