Berlin 1989

I recently joined a Berlin Expats group on Facebook to meet some new people and give advice to newbies since I’ve been living here for 4 years now and I strolled upon a great post by a guy called Andrew. He was in Berlin in 1989 when the wall came down, however he wasn’t alone, he brought his trusty camera along with him and made a great piece of history.

Before you ask, I got his permission to post the gallery on my website.

Back of the Reichstag
Back of the Reichstag
Back of the Reichstag
Back of the Reichstag
Opfer der Honecker Diktatur
Victim of the Honecker dictatorship
Read more about Erich Honecker
Bernauer Straße
Bernauer Straße
Brandenburg Gate
Celebration in the streets of Berlin. On the right there is a police officer enjoying his moment of peace on duty.
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie
DDR Border Control
DDR Troops
Friedrichstrasse Trainstation
East Berlin #1
East Berlin #2
Easy Berlin #3
East Berlin #4
East Berlin #5
East Berlin #6
East Berlin #7
East Berlin #8
Glienicke Brücke
View from the Glienicke Brücke
Lübars #1
Lübars #2
Neue Wache engl. New Guardhouse with DDR soldiers on duty
North of Mitte
Palast der Republik engl. Palace of the Republic
Picture taken from the west side river bank
S Bahn with Schultheiss advertisements on the side. Great beer!
Steinstücken #1
Steinstücken #2
Last but not least, the last picture of East Berlin

Thank you for viewing this bit of history and thank you Andrew for the fantastic pictures!

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