Foolproof Creme Brulee

So I am a big foodie and love good food. Although I don’t have a big sweet tooth, I do love a good desert. One of my favourite deserts is the classic Creme Brule. My wife made some home-made meringues a couple of days ago and had some egg yolks left over, 4 to be exact. Perfect. All I needed was a tub of Cream (200g, min 30% Fat, Schlagsahne auf Deutsch), 30g of Sugar and a small amount of vanilla.

I whisked/beated the sugar with the egg yolks together to form one liquid, and then mixed egg yolk liquid with the cream and vanilla until completely mixed. I strained the mixture (no bits of cream or egg) and then filled up air tight ramekins with the custard mixture. To cook the custard, I submerged the ramekins a Sous Vide bath which was 83 ° C for one hour.

Once cooked, I left the ramekins outside to cool for an hour. I couldn’t wait an hour, so after 30 minutes I opened them up and added a tea spoon of white sugar and with a blow torch “burnt” the sugar coating, creating a hard crust layer of caramelised sugar. Yum.

Credit to the picture goes to my wife (Stolen from her Instagram page) I always eat mine too fast to take pictures lol.

Thank you Chef Steps for the awesome recipe: Foolproof Cracklin’ Crème Brûlée

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