Pluralsight is free throughout April!

Well my old boss introduced me to plural sight 3 years ago and I was impressed with the high quality content from Pluralsight. Throughout my apprenticeship I dabbled in some C# and Java and made some basic software, like a network pinger that sends an email when a hostname or IP address is not reachable and an inventory software (which never was completed.. Oops). Pluralsight helped me grasp the concept object orientated programming and improved my programming skills altogether.

I told my wife that Pluralsight was free for a month and that I was bored (It’s day 14 of the lockdown btw). My wife knows a bit of Python from University and I was interested in learning about it since I heard it is much sleeker that the traditional programming languages (See C+ and Java) and boy was she right. We started the Core Python course from Austin Bingham and Robert Smallshire. The course was really easy to get started, on my Windows 10 machine and I was up and running writing python in PowerShell within 2 minutes. Today we managed to get through the first 3 chapters. On to the next chapters!

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