The best of Greek food

During our time in Kos we tried many restaurants. Our favorite was a small vinyard called Ampeli. At this point in my life, this was the best restaurant I have ever visited… The food was just on another… Read More

New Pokemon Games!

I’ve always enjoyed the earlier Pokemon games (Sun and Moon not so much). I played almost every Pokemon game and I especially played them when I was a child and Nintendo have got me. I picked up the… Read More

Sourdough Bread

An former college of mine insipred me to start baking my own bread, thanks Leon! I used to be a baker and know the basics, after getting my sourdough “starter”, I tried a couple of time to bake… Read More

Korean Fried Chicken

Today Franz and I went to Goji Boss, a korean “fast food” restuarant. I ordered the spicy chicken with sweet potatoe fries. Very tasty!

The Company Website

I am new to this website stuff. At the moment we are making a company website and I thought the best way to practice is to make my own website to get a hang of it. The company… Read More

Hello world!

Well done for reading my first post. I managed to get this website up and running. Hurray!